Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary SchoolCelebrating Achievement, Building the Future in God’s Love


Science Statement


We believe that a broad and balanced science education is the entitlement of all our pupils at Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary School. Therefore we endeavour to deliver a high-quality science curriculum which provides our pupils with a secure foundation for understanding the world around them. We truly value the role of science in nurturing our pupils’ awareness and respect for nature. Throughout each year at Abbott’s Ann, children will explore and observe our school grounds as part of their class nature studies. This encourages them to foster concern about, and active care for, our environment. Through fun, hands-on science enquiries, we promote our pupils’ sense of excitement and inquisitiveness about natural phenomena. We also encourage our pupils to understand, explore and challenge key scientific concepts, including those of renowned scientists as well as their own hypotheses. Whilst investigating these hypotheses, our pupils are supported to acquire practical scientific skills; using scientific language to communicate and record their findings in a variety of ways. We aim to provide Abbotts Ann pupils with a deep, lasting interest in science which will prepare them for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.