Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary SchoolCelebrating Achievement, Building the Future in God’s Love

Curriculum and Assessment

Here at Abbotts Ann, we believe our curriculum should:


  • Be purposeful with clear outcomes
  • Be exciting, inspiring and relevant
  • Have cohesion between subjects and clear links and pathways
  • Be a creative journey where children can take risks and explore their ideas in a curious and safe manner
  • Be a celebration of achievement and determination
  • Foster self-belief and create a sense of ownership in our children
  • Reflect the world around us – including current key events and British Values
  • Allow discussion and ‘talk’ to both build on, and challenge, ideas
  • Build on our Christian Values of ‘Love, Courage, Responsibility, Respect and Honesty’
  • Support all children in striving for their very best –to create aspiration and determination

  • Be skill driven:
    • Create a sense of independence
    • Foster Interdependence- team work, co-operation and collaboration
    • Support children in their organisational skills
    • Be enquiry based with problems to solve
    • Enable children to reflect and refine their ideas
    • Build resilience and perseverance
  • Foster a ‘Love of Learning’