Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary SchoolCelebrating Achievement, Building the Future in God’s Love


We aim to support children to develop a love of reading and writing and for them to understand that communication with others through their own 'talk'  and writing is an essential part of learning.


The key elements of reading and writing are taught through a cross-curricular approach wherever possible.  Our aim is to ensure fluency and enjoyment of reading, as well as good comprehension of a range of different texts.  The children begin the foundations of reading as soon as they enter Abbotts Ann, through daily phonics sessions and guided reading opportunities.  These fundamentals are then built on as the children journey through the school.  Our children are encouraged to write across all curriculum areas to ensure that their language and style is developed for a range of different purposes and audiences, including story writing, non-fiction forms of writing and poetry.  High quality spoken language is always used as a tool for writing and grammar and punctuation teaching is interspersed throughout all reading and writing.  We teach a cursive style of handwriting from Year R through to Year 6.

Programme of Study for English KS1 and KS2