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The Physical Education Curriculum at Abbotts Ann CE Primary School



At Abbotts Ann CE, we recognise the value and impact of high quality PE and school sport which we offer the pupils in our care. P.E. and School Sport play a vital part in living out our values of Love, Responsibility, Respect, Honesty and Courage on a daily basis. We aim to provide children with the opportunities to challenge themselves, inspire and be inspired, be active, collaborate, compete and lead others.  Here at Abbotts Ann, we believe that providing pupils with high quality sporting opportunities will:

  • instill a love a being active which will stay with our pupils through adulthood
  • build a sense of belonging and cooperation through team work; to learn to cope with success and failure as a team and build resilience
  • enable pupils to practise mutual respect and responsibility; taking turns and sharing
  • help themselves and others to improve and achieve goals
  • show pupil how to have fun, take on different roles, be active and healthy
    We understand that children have personal preferences in the activities they choose and we are proactive in offering a wide range of opportunities, during school time and in afterschool provision of clubs. Our aim is for children to foster a love of being active and for this to continue beyond school.
    Children receive a Multi-skills lesson each week led by a qualified PE/Sports teacher. The Multi-skills approach is extremely popular amongst our children and we recognise the importance of allowing them to experience a range of sports and activities. Children learn the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle and build on our School’s values through team work, collaboration and being a good sports person. Children have the opportunity to practise and hone their skills and transfer these across different sporting discipline.  As well as the practising of skills, children have the opportunity to implement what they have learnt in competition and matches within the lesson.
    Children also experience dance and gymnastics units throughout the year, and develop skills, which then are used to create a final performance. The children enjoy demonstrating these to other classes and parents.
    Children are confident at sharing why exercise is so important to health and wellbeing and this is an embedded part of our PE curriculum.  Peer support and assessment is used alongside teachers’ ongoing assessments. Children at Abbotts Ann enjoy PE and sporting opportunities and the team work and collaboration across the school is always palpable at our annual Sports Day. We ensure PE is an accessible and enjoyable experience for all children.