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The Music Curriculum at Abbotts Ann CE Primary School



At Abbotts Ann School, we intend that our children develop a love and passion for music. We want our children to be lifelong learners and actively participate in and enjoy music. The musical dimensions of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre and structure form the core of what the children are learning. Children will develop the musical skills of singing, playing, listening, and appraising and they will learn the vocabulary needed to describe and discuss the music they listen to and perform with increasing accuracy. Children are given opportunities to explore their learning, deepen and apply their understanding, and be creative to make music their own, and using it in practical contexts. They are encouraged to show our school values of Compassion, Courage and Curiosity to explore and engage with different types of music. Children will learn about music from a range of cultures and traditions, and will explore different types of music.



From Year 1-6, children receive a term’s tuition from Hampshire Music Service, wherethey are given the opportunity to explore a variety of musical instruments. Teachers use different music types to listen and appraise, and then to compose, rehearse and perform. They are given the language to explore musical vocabulary and are supported with ways to record their compositions. The children have a singing assembly each week, learning songs for special events such as Harvest and Christmas, as well as Christian values and in some cases to enhance a love of singing. The whole school visits the Children’s Orchestra, which provides awe and wonder to experience a full classical orchestra. Our vocal ambassadors support raising the profile of singing across the school.


“As a music ambassador I have enjoyed helping children learn some songs and helping prepare for the vocal festival” A child in Year 5



Children enjoy music as performers, composers and listeners, and benefit from an inclusive curriculum. They feel confident in exploring ideas when composing. They are creative in expressing ideas about music they listen to. Pupils have the opportunity to perform music in different ways, both individually and in a group. They will perform familiar pieces and their own compositions using a range of notation. They enjoy and feel the “buzz” of taking part in musical productions where they sing with others and individually. Children develop their self-esteem and confidence in performing. Pupils have the opportunity to play instruments they are learning to others. Children find music uplifting and enjoyable, and appreciate the benefits for their mental health.


“I have enjoyed learning all the different musical instruments” A child in Year 6