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The Music Curriculum at Abbotts Ann CE Primary School



We aim for children to see themselves as music makers and encourage children’s understanding and knowledge of music through playing, listening, singing, composing and performing. We believe the power of music and singing can support wellbeing and we aim to inspire and nurture a creative and imaginative approach to music making 



  • We provide opportunities for all children to play, sing, create, perform, explore, express and enjoy music making
  • We give pupils a range of opportunities to both practise and perform their singing, aiming to instill a love of group singing
  • We aim to inspire children with high quality music teaching and visiting artists, exposure to a wide variety of musical forms, genres and instrumentation  - both in lessons, performances and collective worship
  • We encourage listening to a wide variety of music to inform their own musical creating, composing and appraising
  • We provide opportunities for performing including Worships, Harvest and Christmas at St Mary’s Church, Easter, Summer performances plus performances such as ‘My Voice, our Song’ We also connect with our community and perform at local community events
  • We offer wider opportunities for musical learning including lunchtime music clubs and private instrumental tuition
  • Children grow in confidence, abilities and passion for the subject
  • Children benefit from wellbeing and self-regulation skills from the use of music
  • Children can sing, chant, rhyme and recognise pulse, beat, rhythm
  • Children can talk confidently about the elements of music including tempo, timbre, texture, structure, duration, pitch and dynamics
  • Class teacher and  music teachers assessments show achievement and progression
  • Many of our children play an instrument or sing outside of school