Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary SchoolCelebrating Achievement, Building the Future in God's Love with Curiosity in our Minds, Compassion in our Hearts and Courage in our Actions

Learning Gems

We have entered the world of ‘Gem’ learning powers in order to foster even more positive learning habits across our School.


  •  We  think about learning to learn and how this way of encouraging positive learning habits links to our Christian ethos and Abbotts Ann values of Curiosity, Compassion and Courage
  • We think about the science behind the Gems project and how it works
  • We have worked collaboratively to build a clear picture of what this  looks like in school and why it is so important


Our Learning Gems help us to build the courage, resilience and independence we need to be successful learners, now and as we go forward in our life-long learning. The Gems that Doctor Tom Robson introduced us to are:


  • DIAMOND POWER - taking responsibility for our own little problems; developing problem solving skills and independence
  • RUBY POWER - Respect for others; celebrating successes of others; responding positively to others
  • EMERALD POWER - showing courage in our learning; having a go; not giving up but persevering; Bounce-back-ability; learning from our mistakes, keeping calm
  • SAPPHIRE POWER - maintaining focus in our learning; avoiding 'Monster Distractions'; keeping focused and recognising that we have responsibility to ourselves and others to concentrate on all of our learning
  • AMETHYST POWER - Learning to work with another; listening and responding to a partner appropriately - applies all the gem powers to work with a partner
  • TOPAZ POWER - Collaborative learning; working successfully in groups to develop our understanding; share at least one idea with the whole group; takes turns - applies all the gem powers to work with a team

Take a look at our Learning Gems Presentation to learn more about how Learning Gems encourage positive learning habits.