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Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary School

Welcome to Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary School. Take a tour of our school in this video and visit our website for further details. School Website: h...

Old school building in the middle of the Village


History of the School



Abbotts Ann is a village in the parish of the same name, approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) south-west of Andover.  The village name Ann was derived from the Celtic river name ‘Anne’ meaning ‘Ash Tree Stream’ (now known as the Pill hill Brook). 




In 1806, Robert Tasker settled in Abbotts Ann and set up the Waterloo Iron Works in Anna Valley where he later lived in Waterloo House.  In 1831, Robert Tasker built Abbotts Ann School in the centre of  the village and leased it to the Revd. Samuel Best,  the Rector of Abbotts Ann who became the first headmaster of Abbotts Ann School.  The school was built 39 years before education became compulsory and was one of the first in England to take children of all denominations.


The new school building was opened in April 2010.  Here you can see children entering the building for the first time.