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The History Curriculum at Abbotts Ann CE Primary School



At Abbotts Ann School, we intend that children are given the opportunity to explore a history curriculum through an engaging, inclusive enquiry approach. We encourage children to make links, ask questions and evaluate the validity of sources. We aim for children to:

  • Make links between cause and effect
  • To question the validity of historical sources
  • Invent and ask questions about historical content
  • Recall facts and information, and use this information to make informed decisions
  • Create an inquisitive enquiry based approach that allows children to explore and discover
  • Develop critical thinking skills by identifying, analysing and solving problems.



Some of our key historical disciplines that we cover through our history curriculum include:

  • Chronology
  • Characteristic features
  • Cause and consequence
  • Historical interpretation
  • Historical understanding
  • Historical significance.

These are balanced throughout the year, to ensure the children are covering all of the skills over the course of the year. We use the Hampshire History planning packs to support our planning. ‘Golden threads’ of historical themes run through our curriculum, such as monarchy and empire.


  “I liked exploring the artefacts” -A child in Year 2.



Our History curriculum ensures all pupils develop historical skills and knowledge, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their local history and the history of the United Kingdom, and the world. This can link to other areas of the curriculum with strong links to English, Science, Geography and outside learning. The learning can help pupils develop an understanding of historical culture and how areas of the world have changed over time. Children enjoy history lessons and enjoy exploring different time periods. Enriching and engaging trips give the children first hand experience of different areas of History.


“It was awesome learning about the Stone Age- I didn’t know that nothing changed for 30 million years!”  A child in Y4