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Emergency Closures

Emergency Closure Information






This plan covers the contingencies made for heavy snow fall that may result either in ‘closure’ or restricted school opening – called a ‘Snow Day’. A closure or Snow Day decision could be made at any time, therefore this plan aims to prevent;

  • The stranding of pupils and staff at school, by careful decision making< >he unnecessary risks taken travelling to and from school, through good communication< >< > 



    It is policy that the school will open on all normal days even when some poor road conditions exist. However, in the event of heavy snowfall we cannot guarantee that staff will be able to attend school and a decision to close or restrict school opening may have to be made.


    If school is closed, whenever possible, a member of staff will be available at school to ensure that messages and communication are maintained for the first few hours of closure, thereafter the school will be empty. If you travel to school and no member of staff is present, your children must remain your responsibility and should not be left unattended at school.


    When the school is closed, the school cannot look after children. However, those already delivered to the school prior to a decision to close will of course be looked after until they can be collected.



    If the weather conditions are severe enough to force closure, this decision will be communicated to parents through:


    •   Text and Email to all parents on Parent Mail

    •   Publishing on the website home page as soon as possible

    •   Hampshire County Council website

    •   Local radio stations:

    • The Breeze106.4FM

    • Heart Thames Valley96.0 - 107 FM

    • BBC Radio Solent96.1FM/ 103.8FM

    • The Coast106 FM / 106.6FM



    Snow Day

    On a snow day, it may be necessary to use a staggered/delayed arrival and departure. This is to ensure we have sufficient staff to run the school and to make the school safe prior to opening. This information would be sent to parents using the usual means of communication. Please note that on a ‘Snow Day’ there will be no after school clubs to ensure pupils get away before the evening freeze sets in. On ‘Snow Days’ children might not be taught by their usual teachers or in their usual classes as we may not have our full quota of staff. However, we will ensure that pupils have an educationally worthwhile day. If there is a prolonged closure of the school, staff will advise on work that can be completed at home. If parents are unable to get their children to school because of the weather conditions we ask that you still ring in to let us know so that we can account for everyone’s safety.