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Year 5 and 6 Maths

Times Tables practice: Fluency

Whilst many of you know your 6 times table, I would now like you to take your learning a step further and make sure you are able to recall it the times table - both the multiplication and the inverse (division) questions within 2-3 seconds.  I have uploaded a series of websites and links to help you with this!

Good Luck!


Mrs White

In addition to the times tables practise, I have found some Maths learning for you to do this week which is clear and relevant.


There are 5 days worth of activities on the link to The White Rose website below.  The link I have uploaded takes you to the 'Home Learning' Section.


When you have loaded this page, click on Summer Term week 1: w/c 20th April.  This section covers ongoing practise of adding and subtracting decimals both within 1 and numbers that total greater than 1.  There is a teaching video for each one with accompanying worksheets.  Please do not feel you have to do ALL of the content but work through it in order.  For example, if you complete times table activities on Monday and start the decimals on Tuesday, please use session 1 (Monday's).


I have uploaded a screen shot showing what the White Rose Maths page should look like below.  You can see where to click for the learning for week commencing 20th April.


I know this is a different approach so I hope this makes some kind of sense.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated as we keep trying to improve what we offer.


Image showing what the page from the White Rose Home Learning looks like