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Home Learning 27.04.2020

Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning Owl's Class!

Lockdown life: I've been wondering how your hair is looking now.... do you have a talented parent who can cut your hair beautifully meaning that you look almost the same?  Or are your family members looking a little bit like mine - hairy monsters? :). 


I cut my sons hair 2 weeks ago.  It was a very brave move because he is 13 years old and it is important to him how he looks.  It wasn't my finest hour and I felt very scared that I had totally messed it up by using the wrong size trimmers.  But, by the time I had a second go the following day, I was quite proud of my efforts and it didn't look too bad!  Trimmers are a marvellous invention!  My daughter, who as many of you know is 8 years old, was much easier.  She has long, straight hair so I could trim hers more easily.  I am nervously waiting in the wings for my husband to ask me to have a go at his.  He will not be impressed if I go wrong.  I might need to do a before and after photograph. 


So, please send in any lockdown hair stories, pictures or photographs that you don't mind me putting on the website.  Before and after cuts, good cuts, bad cuts, no cuts.... any communication about your hair would be great and will bring a smile to our faces!


On a completely different note, I had a ray of sunshine enter my week this week because I began making phone calls to you all.  There are about 5 of you I haven't managed to speak to yet, so I will be back on it on Monday and Tuesday to do the best I can to touch base with you all.  You are all very important to me and it made a very big difference to me to speak with you on a 1:1 basis.  I absolutely loved hearing about what you had been up to in your learning as you move through this strange and unusual time.  I was so proud to hear how most of you are keeping to a routine, which many of your parents said was helping you to engage with some learning activities.  I was also thrilled to receive some positive feedback about the learning we have been putting up for you to do.  Thank you for that and keep your feedback coming via the email so that I can adjust and adapt or improve what I offer.


English and Maths: Week beginning 27th April


Year 6, you will be looking at subjunctives and poems this week.  This follows on perfectly from last week and includes the challenge of learning a poem to perform.  This was in the English learning last week so I am hoping you will be much more confident at it this week! If you would like to, please do send over a short video clip of your performance!  I would love to see it.

Year 5, you are looking at relative clauses and persuasive writing this week.  I particularly like the task based on the newspaper report.  Keep in touch and let me know how you get on with this.



Year 6, you will be practising equivalent fractions and ratio at the beginning of the week which you should find quite straight forward.  Later in the week, you will be having a go at circles which we haven't covered yet so a nice balance of revisiting and new material for you to look at.

Year 5, you will be practising column method for addition and subtraction but you will be using numbers with a different number of digits which we haven't done yet.  Later in the week, you will be looking at negative numbers.


Do let me know how you are getting on and if there is anything further I can provide you with or any help I can give you.


We are speaking to some of my husbands family in Australia in a moment!  So, I will stop now but I will putting some things up on here during the day. 


Take good care, stay safe and keep in touch,

Reading Selfie!

Mrs White's reading selfie!