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Home Learning 22nd June

Hello Owls Class.  Lovely to speak to you or your parents this week.  I was thrilled to hear so many positive comments about how you are getting on.  Many of you are in a routine which is key during this situation to help to keep you motivated and give some kind of expectation to the day.  Lots of you are completing regular Maths and English, exercising regularly, cooking, creating and spending time with family.  Well done to each and every one of you for remaining focused and here's hoping things will keep moving forward positively in our country so that we can look forward to seeing each other again.


I have put up 2 tasks this week that I would like you to complete and send in to me via email or speak to me about on the phone.


The first one is to recap and learn fluently your times tables.  This includes both the multiplication element of the chosen number AND the division facts that accompany it.  For example, 4x6=24 and 24 divided by 6 = 4.  We will start with the 6 times table and I have uploaded a selection of web pages and practice sheets for you to do this.  I would like you to spend 15 mins per day on this from Monday to Friday and send in some evidence of this please - recording of you as a parent or sibling calls out the facts, a photograph of the sheets or some results from your online practise.  Bingo games are easy and a good way to make sure you have quick recall so a photograph of you doing that would be great :).


The second task I would like you to complete is the Day 2 of the English learning.  The task asks you to read and analyse a newspaper article about the amazing things people have done during lock down.  Please have a go at this and send over the outcome of the task in any way you would like to.  Audio report, video report or written outcome.  However you chose to present it is up to you.


Thank you to both parents and children, in advance, for your efforts with this.


Have a good week and, as always, keep in touch!


Thinking of you,


Mrs White