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Home Learning 20.04.2020

Owls Class Home Learning For Week 2 Beginning 20th April 2020

Good Morning Owl's Class!


Term should officially start again today! We would normally see each other and do some learning together.  I hope you have enjoyed your Easter break and that you have done a mixture of activities including 'down' time with your families or friends 'on-line', some physical activity to keep you active and healthy as well as some purposeful activities such as reading, creating, cooking or gardening.


We must do the best we can during lock-down to keep engaging our brains, thinking about challenges and doing practical activities.  I have spent some time having a think about how you might be feeling at the moment to help me try and understand how I can help and support you.


I have put together some activities for Maths, English and Topic.  I have written a little bit to go with each area to help and support you as you work through it.  Whatever you do, do not get worried about the tasks I put up.  Take each day as it comes and do what you can.  If you are struggling, message me.  I can provide other learning or give support.  Working at home is so much more concentrated than working in school.  It's just you, possibly with other family members, and without input from a teacher, talk with other pupils - never mind break time with your classmates  - it is not to be compared with working in school.  The activities I put up are about practising skills and I will put up a few challenges for you in case you want them!  Anything you complete is a great achievement!


I have decided to leave the learning and messages trail from the weeks before Easter up on the website.  Have a scroll down before you start anything today (Monday) - there is some useful information, such as a possible daily timetable, that might be good to revisit.  If you would prefer to visit, finish or revisit something I put up previously, please do.  The card games are on a link below, for example, as well as the creative activities on the Easter pages.  Just because it is a new week, the previous activities are all still valid.


Please don't hesitate to email me if you need anything at all - resources, help or just to touch base and say 'hello'. I keep the email open for as much of my day as I can and check it regularly.  I will reply.  Thank you to all those who have contacted me already.


Don't forget how proud I am of each and every one of you.


Take care,



The Maths learning this week for Year 5 is practising multiplication.  The learning starts with factor's and multiples - exactly what you need!  Followed by examples using a grid method model which I think is a really good approach.  There are 2 powerpoints which take you step by step through each area you need.  I think they are really clear but, as I have said, please message me if you need any further help.


Year 6 are looking at calculating area, scaling shapes up and down and finding the volume of 3D Shapes.


The powerpoints that go with each area of learning are referred to as 'Teacher Powerpoints'.  I have been through them and feel they are a good introduction for teaching each section - whether teacher or parent - but please let me know if you encounter any difficulties!


I often use the nrich maths website for additional challenges or more unusual games.  I have found this game which might be some fun for you to do with a sibling or other adult:

WK beg 20/04/20 Maths Year 5 (multiplication) and Year 6 (area and perimeter). I've also added a problem of the day this week for something a little different!


This week I have uploaded a joint unit for Year 5 and Year 6.  The content lends itself perfectly to both year groups and the foci - Poetry and a Discussion genre - will work well for both Year 5 and 6 learning.


I look forward to reading your poem's and hearing your arguments for and against school uniform!  We can also share these with Mrs Hall.  I wonder what she will think about your arguments?

Wk Beg 20/04/20 Year 5 and 6 English

Cross curricular matrix of activities with Science focus