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Home Learning 11.05.2020

Monday 11th May 2020


Hello Owl's Class!


Once again it is the weekend.  The days and weeks seem to be marching on and I find myself wondering where 8 weeks have disappeared to.  I hope that you and your families are managing your days constructively and that you are doing lots of positive things during this time.


On Friday it was VE day.  We had a bar-b-que on our driveway alongside our neighbours.  Socially distancing at all times! But we were able to talk across the street.  It was nice to feel the community spirit and to see some familiar faces.  Later, we walked around our local area where there we saw bunting, chairs and tables set up outside houses, pictures and blankets out on front gardens.  It was lovely.  What did you get up to?  Please send in photographs or writing if you were able to celebrate this special day.


This week's learning:



Year 5: This week you are practising mental methods for multiplying and dividing numbers as well as some activities around 2D shape.


Year 6: You will be finding out about weights and measure this week, drawing graphs and you end the week with a fun activity involving tessellation.



Year 5: This week you will be doing some non-fiction learning based initially around Martin Luther King and Malala.  As part of this, you are asked to listen to her speech to the United Nations.  I would love to know what you think of this!  You are also looking at some writing tools for persuasion and some relative clauses.


Year 6: To start the week, you will be learning about instructional and explanation writing.  Following this work, there are some tasks set about The Highwayman.  I know you have already studied The Highwayman in the Autumn term but, having looked through our English books, the tasks look slightly different.  I thought it would be nice to revisit something that you feel confident about and that you are already familiar with. 


I have found some super, engaging activities based around the stage show 'Matilda' as an alternative to The Highway Man learning.  Feel free to dip into the different links and documents I have uploaded and if you feel you are more drawn to something then have a go. Do email me if there is anything you are unsure about.


I am will be starting my second wave of phone calls later this week and next week so I look forward to talking to you all and finding out how you are doing.


Take care and keep in touch,


Mrs White