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Home Learning 04.05.2020

Week beginning Monday 4th May


What a rainy week it has been!  After having endless days of warm sunshine, it has felt like a bit of a shock to need jumpers and coats again.  But we have enjoyed seeing how our garden has become more colourful as the moisture is taken in by our plants.  Everything looks lush and green and we are surrounded by beautiful colours.


We have had a 'tidy up' of the class pages and redesigned how you access the learning.    I'm going to put Year 5 Maths and English together under one button today.  And the Year 6 under a separate button.  Let me know what you think and if I can do anything more to improve how you find what you need.


I know that many of you have parents who are working or you have younger siblings who need attention.  So, I have put the link to the 'bbc bitesize: home learning' pages below.  There are lots of ideas on there to keep you busy and they don't need as much adult support.  Let me know how you get on with these or if they help in any way.


Year 5


English: This week you will be looking at Poetry including similes and metaphors.  You will also be having a go at modal verbs.  Not tricky to learn,  but really useful to use in our writing and, more importantly, to know we are using them in our writing!


Maths: It's adding and subtracting decimals this week.  Remember to keep your digits aligned in the correct place and have a go at estimating what the answer should be before you calculate.  You are then moving on to 3D shape including features and sorting the shapes according to the features.  To supplement this, mymaths have some learning activities for Year 5 around 2D shape and angles which would be useful.  Also, Year 6 have some 3D nets activities you could try.  If you would like to find these, they are under Geometry Y5 and Y6.


Year 6

English: This week you will be having a go at the active and the passive voice using author profiles and blogs.  We haven't visited this yet.  If you find it too tricky, have a look at the Year 5 learning about similes and metaphors instead.  There are 2 powerpoints to support the learning.


Maths: It's short multiplication and division this week!  Have a go at it and see how you get on with it.  Fractions as percentages, which should be straight forward, then it gets a bit more tricky because you have a go at formulae and function machines.