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Hedgehogs Y3/4

Google Classroom: How Students Complete Assignments

This video is one in a series of videos on Google Classroom. This video covers how students complete and submit assignments in Google Classroom. You can acce...

Music learning

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Coats of Arms

Stop-motion animation

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Some of you have been really busy creating stop-motion animation mini-films. They are amazing! Stop-motion animation is where you take a picture of your scene, then move the character slightly and take another picture. You do this until you have made a mini- film. For example, The Lego Movie is made to look like stop-motion animation, and Wallace and Gromit is made using stop-motion animation. A brief description of how stop-motion animation works can be found here

Evan has shared one with me, I can't upload it onto this block with the others but the link to it is here.

Anglo-Saxon Runes

Maps of France

Miscellaneous Artwork

Birthday cards for Captain Tom Moore


Lego challenges!

Maths learning


Science experiment videos

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Science experiments

Bayeux Tapestry home learning

We love the NHS

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Word Lists

My Maths


Please use the following link to log into My Maths:



The user name is:  abbotts

The password is: square142


After this you can then log in with your child's username and password.