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English Tasks: Evie in the Jungle by Matt Haig

Use the link below to access audible.  Click on the 'Elementary' button and scroll down until you see the book 'Evie in the Jungle'.


Listen to chapter 1.  

Task 1: Can you draw a front cover for the book 'Animals of the Amazon', Evie's favourite book?  Use information from the audible book as well as your own imagination to create a cover.  Use books or the internet to find pictures to print and cut out or draw and colour in.


Task 2: Character analysis.  We already know quite a lot about Evie from just 1 chapter.  Can you draw the image you have of her and label it with any describing words?  You can use ideas about her personality, her likes and dislikes, the kind of person you think she is.  Add to it as you read on in the story.


Task 3: Do some research about animals that live in the Amazon rainforest.  Put together an information sheet with pictures, quizes (true or false/word searches/lift the flap sections) about some of the animals that can be found in the rainforest.  If you would like to, present your information and record your presentation!  I would love to see anything you come up with.


Listen to chapter 2

Task 4: Imagine you are going to meet Evie.  Put together a selection of questions you would like to ask her and create a page for a newspaper or magazine: 'Interview with the famous Evie The Superstar'. Use information from the text to inform the questions you ask her.  Create appropriate answers and, if you are able, ask an adult to ask you the questions with you 'in role' as Evie!


Task 5: Create an image of the rainforest as it is initially described in this chapter with the rubber trees, parrots flying, the lush greenery etc and, in total contrast, the image in your head of the area in the rainforest that is being destroyed by the developers.  Annotate it to show the ideas you have taken from the book as well as the images you have created in your head based on what you have read.