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Barton Hall

Sadly, we have reached our final day. PGL Barton Hall has been an adventure and lots of happy memories have been created. The children have been an absolute delight to take away!

Final day activities include Jacob’s ladder - the ultimate challenge of climbing and teamwork, rifle shooting and challenge course (another teamwork challenge). 

Day 5 - Final day!

Day 4 begins with the ultimate challenge in obstacle course for Mrs W, one which many have attempted but failed - crossing the boys bedroom. 

Day 4

Day 4

Day 3 - More sunshine! Tired children have had a fabulous day 😊 we had a whole class swimming session and some groups completed the zip wire.

Day 3

Day 2 - A sunshine filled day of climbing, survival skills, canoeing and aeroball (Mrs W wasn’t at all competitive!). Lots of fun had by all and showers have been utilised post-lake-fun.

Day 2

Day 1 - campfire

All packed and ready for the off!