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Home Learning 08.06.20

Hello from Mrs White!


Hello there to all Owls who are still checking in on-line.  I hope you are having a good weekend despite the blustery, chilly weather that has descended on us.


The Year 6 that returned to school on Wednesday have made a brilliant start to their final term at Abbotts Ann.  They have quickly and maturely adapted to our new routines and we have had a few laughs as we do-si-do our way around the classroom, navigated our new lunchtime arrangements and tried to remember to 'think twice' before we pass something to a classmate!  We have been getting our brains in gear again (some of us feel quite rusty!) by doing some lovely learning and tentatively begun putting some plans together to honour the imminent 'goodbye' to Abbotts Ann as we send them on to the beginning of the next chapter in their lives.


Once again, thank you so very much to all the children and parents or carers who have contacted me on the email.  It is always lovely to hear from you and I enjoy responding to your messages.  I am in Abbotts Ann teaching Year 6 every day now but I check the Owls account every day so please keep in touch and don't hesitate to ask any questions if you need to.  It would be lovely if you could send over some photographs of anything you get up to as well!


On line learning:

Year 5

In Maths, you will be learning about 6 digit numbers followed by some practise with co-ordinates including plotting points on a graph, predicting what co-ordinates will be once a shape has been moved on a grid and reflecting shapes on a grid.

In English, you have a broad range of activities including reflecting on an audio text by Shaun Tan, reading Macavity by T S Elliot and analysing a playscript.


Year 6

In Maths you will be revising division, including short division, followed by practising using coordinates by plotting polygons on a graph.

In English you will start the week by analysing a film clip and then use it for some sentence level week.  Later in the week, you will be practising using metaphors in your writing.


Keep Smiling and, if you are not in school, I hope it's not too long before I can see you properly.


Take care,


Mrs White