Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary SchoolCelebrating Achievement, Building the Future in God’s Love

New Studio Prayer Space


The children have come back to a lovely reflective, prayer space now in the Studio. The children requested a spiritual space in this room to reflect the ones in their classrooms and as a result of the different prayer stations we had in this room at the end of term. The calming coloured light box gently changes colour so the children can have time to sit back and relax. Here, Charlie and James are enjoying sharing a book of Parables.

Charlie says, “I think the Prayer Space will help if someone is having a hard time as they can be calm and spend time thinking and reflecting and feeling safe in this space. If someone has passed away it’s a place to come and think about them.”

James added, “It’s a place to be alone to reflect or pray to God. Time to have for ourselves or to share with a friend.”